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Ya’ll mite be un Las Angeles Rednek iffn..
Yew mite beyun Las Angeles Rednek if’n y’all’ve ever been kicked outta t’zoo fer hecklin’ t’monkeys.”

Braziliun group Caxias lost ta Internacyunal 2-0 las nite n' sum o't' wurse margin condityuns we’ve ev'r see.

Thar wuz low puddles everwhar, an' we magine thishere done thangs almos unplayabull.

N' a particularlee farcical moment, players startid toppleeun' ov'r any uther e masse aft'r a a'loose kick. It wuz un epic an' hilariyus wreck (via Who Ate All T' Pies):

Aft'r a goal, Leen'ro Damiao jumpet n' t'wat'r an' splashet roun. Purty most a fun during thay playd thishere diversion n' these condityuns:

goal celebration brazil A Flooded Field Caused An Epic Pile Up Of Players During A Brazilian Soccer Game


Y’all beya linkin’ ta thishere Artikle: 

Sha' t'Times wit yer Rode Dawgs!

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