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Futures contracts fer wheet an' corn atmosphere bof tradyun' adult large thishere afternoon given 12 PM ET wen t'U.S. Department o'Agriculture releeset the monthlee Worl Agricultural Supplee an' Deman' Estimates repert.

T' repert is one o't' mos critickull WASDE releeses o't' year, accerdyun' ta commoditee brok'r John Payne, becawz it provides t'final statistics fer t'2012 crop.

Shure enough, reserve o'wheet wuz low'r thun previouslee specktid, an' deman' is projectid ta be har thun befor.

Corn reserve kum n' slightlee strong'r thun previouslee specktid, though deman' is also projectid ta increese mer thun previouslee thunk.

Wheet futures atmosphere adult 2.2 persent, tho thay atmosphere startin ta gif' behind guns:

screen%20shot%202013 01 11%20at%201.28.55%20pm Wheat And Corn Pricing Are Surging After One Of The Most Critical Crop Reports Of The Year


Corn is adult roun 2.3 persent:

screen%20shot%202013 01 11%20at%201.29.27%20pm Wheat And Corn Pricing Are Surging After One Of The Most Critical Crop Reports Of The Year


Beloe is t'key thoroughfare frum t'repert regardyun' wheet:

Projectid U.S. wheet endin stox fer 2012/13 atmosphere loweret 38 million bushels thishere month. Feet an' residual use is projectid 35 million bushels har as Decemb'r 1 stox, repertid n' t'Januree Grane Stox, prove har-thun-specktid disappeerance durin Septemb'r-Novemb'r. Seet use is raiset 2 million bushels baset un t'wint'r wheet plantid area repertid n' Wint'r Wheet Seedings. Projectid experts fer all wheet atmosphere unchanget; howev'r, Hard Ret Wint'r (HRW) wheet experts atmosphere loweret 25 million bushels an' Soft Ret Wint'r (SRW) wheet experts atmosphere raiset 25 million bushels baset un t'pace o'sales an' shipmants ta date an' t'a'rizin competitiveness o'SRW wheet n' worl markets. All wheet imperts atmosphere also unchanget, though tiny adjustmants lift projectid HRW wheet imperts 5 million bushels an' revoke Hard Ret Spryun' wheet an' Durum imperts by a combinet 5 million bushels. T' projectid operation fer t'2012/13 seesen-avridge plantation cost fer all wheet is loweret 10 cants during t'midpoint an' narrowet ta $7.65 ta $8.15 p'r bushl, baset un prices repertid ta date.

T' thoroughfare detaileeun' t'latest developmants n' t'corn collect fibre similarlee:

Projectid corn use fer 2012/13 is raiset wit har specktid feet an' residual disappeerance mer thun offsettyun' retucet prospects fer experts. Feet an' residual use is projectid 300 million bushels har baset un Septemb'r-Novemb'r disappeerance as indicayted by Decemb'r 1 stox an' un har specktid beef, pork, an' ornithology producshun. Corn experts atmosphere projectid 200 million bushels low'r reflectyun' t'sloe gait o'sales an' shipmants ta date an' a'rizin preshure frum larg'r reserve an' experts fer South Amurka. Corn endin stox atmosphere projectid 44 million bushels low'r during 602 million. T' seesen-avridge plantation cost fer corn is unchanget during $6.80 ta $8.00 p'r bushl. Wile unbending competishun has limitid U.S. corn experts, har domestic disappeerance leeves t'balance piece histericallee tite an' is specktid ta suppert kuntinued clever an' flighty prices good into summ'r, particularlee n' t'domestic money markets.

Click here fer t'full repert

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